About Us 

Agnes Preston-Brame and Gary Brame have owned Jules Antiques and Fine Art since February 2007. Agnes and Gary are long time residents of Greensboro, NC and have previously owned and operated several businesses based in Greensboro.

Gary has had a long career in commercial and contract furnishing fabrics. He brings his management, marketing and sales experience to this Jules. Agnes is Hungarian born and is educated and trained in fine art, interior design and multiple languages. In addition to Jules, Agnes and Gary own and operate Metamorphosis Interior Design, LLC at the same location in Greensboro. Agnes also does home furnishing textile design in the USA, and in the Peoples Republic of China.

Both Agnes and Gary are antique affectionatos. They have collected personal pieces from all over the world for many years. Since purchasing Jules their intention has been to maintain the high quality international character of the shop while adding the influence of their own personalities.


Jules has always been known for unique pieces with authentic character. Agnes and Gary want to maintain the Jules reputation, for quality and integrity. They will be personally selecting truly antique pieces during their frequent international travels. They want Jules, and the pieces displayed, to provide enjoyment for anyone who spends time in their shop and joy and satisfaction for their purchasing clientele.

In addition to the antiques, the upstairs gallery will now have rotating art shows by regional, national and international artists. Please check the Gallery section of the site to see whose work is currently on display and to see a schedule of future shows.



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